Aytek Çetin

Based in Turkey


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Hey everyone!
My name is Aytek Çetin. I am a landscape photographer from Turkey. Because of my great passion for mountains, I often take photos of the mountain landscape. I generally include dramatic scenes in my photographs and, I try to make you feel these impressive landscapes that I see with my own eyes...
On The Top Of The Caucasus
A sunset view from the Caucasus Range, Georgia."
Red Sunset
Sunset landscape from Caucasus Mountains, Georgia. In the autmn season, you can witness to change of colors from gold to red, when the sun is going down."
In The Shadow Of A Peak
One of my favorite images from Altiparmak Mountains, Turkey. Surprising early morning light gave me the change to capture those giants with a great excitement and the passion. It was the unforgettable moment for me..."
Nick Of Time
An image from the cold, moody morning of Cappadocian fields. Right after the darkness, I could barely see the magical fairy chimneys by the fog. Nothing could be better for me the capture these beauties with an atmosphere like this. Cappadocia / Turkey."
From Twilight To Light
Misty, dark sunrise image from Kazbegi National Park, Georgia."
Guardians Of Nature
In the begining of summer, I arrived this shooting point after around 5 hours hiking. The fields was still covered with snow because of high elevation. I felt that was the right composition for me; when the ground is cold, the peaks were hot by the sunlight. Anti-Taurus Mountains / Turkey."