Ben Bardsley-Ball

Based in England


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My name is Ben Bardsley-Ball (@benbardsleyballphoto). I am a 28-year-old travel photographer currently living in England. I have love, admiration and an undying curiosity for the world and use my passion in photography to share it with others. I have spent much time travelling and backpacking through Asia, and I have lived and worked in China teaching English.
At the end of 2019 my partner & I built a home in a campervan from scratch, to live and travel in.
Back in 2018 I won ‘The Telegraph’s Big Picture Award’ for my photograph, ‘A Majestic Vietnamese Man’.
Away from photography I also host a podcast with my girlfriend called ‘The Unravelling Travelling Podcast ‘ where we discuss travelling and often feature a range of wonderful and interesting guests.
It is my dream to live a sustainable life on the road photographing the world and be fortunate enough to sit down and share experiences with like minded people.
The Mountains, the Lake and the Rocks
Nendaz, Switzerland
One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited was Switzerland. The natural landscape is utterly breathtaking. I first visited Switzerland in 2016 and after visiting Bern and Zurich I headed into the mountains of Nendaz. I spent almost an entire day at this stunning lake taking photographs from every angle imaginable.
”The Arishayama Bamboo Grove”
Kyoto, Japan
The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of Kyoto’s top sights and for good reason, like something out of a Studio Ghibli film, standing beneath these trees feels almost magical. Visiting the Grove was one of the last stops on my list before heading to Tokyo. After taking the bus from central Kyoto to Arishayama you walk along the river to the entrance of the Grove. It is a natural beauty that both calms you and excites you at the same time. It is extremely popular with tourists so getting a photograph without people in it takes a lot of patience and a fair amount of luck. After waiting for about 10 minutes there was a gap in the crowds, enough for me to get my shot.
“Sunset in Sing Buri”
Sing Buri, Thailand
Back in 2018, my girlfriend and I began a trip which shaped us massively as people. We spent 4 months backpacking around South East Asia, with a large portion of that time spent in the endlessly beautiful Thailand. During that time, I was able to stretch my wings as a photographer and turn my camera to some of the most wonderful sights that nature has to offer. After a few days in the dizzying, sensory overload of Bangkok, we, along with our tour-group, headed to Sing Buri 140km North of the Thai capital. We stayed for one night in cabins that stretched over this lake, detoxing from the madness that was Bangkok to the sounds of frogs, crickets and a range of other animals we would get far more acquainted with over the coming months. As the sun began to set, I took a stroll around the lake and bathed in the wet, sticky heat, which was slowly cooling as night approached. I then set up my tripod, which took up most of my backpack, and took this shot.
Lake District, England
This photograph was taken out in the mountains in the Lake District. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and vegetation, it was a nature photographers dream. This foxglove poking out of the bushes stood out to me even more than the rolling hills surrounding me. The colour and the shape instantly grabbed my attention and I had to get a photograph of it.
“Mt. Ijen”
East Java, Indonesia
This photograph was taken atop Mt. Ijen in Java, Indonesia. We hiked to the summit with our guide at 4am to catch the sunrise. Within the volcano lies the worlds largest acid lake, as well as the world’s only natural ‘blue fire’. The blue fire is created from the mining activity and is ignited sulfuric gas, which emerges from the cracks. I took this photograph just before making my way back down to the bottom of the volcano.
Lake District, England
Whilst driving around the Lake District in my campervan, my partner and I came across this perfect spot to park up for the night. This huge lake surrounded by mountains and hills was the perfect rest-stop and I captured this photograph just before the sun began to set. The stillness of the water and vastness of the landscape was so calming. The Lake District is one of the most beautiful parts of England.