Chris Resch

Based in the United States


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Chris used to work as a software engineer in Silicon Valley but one day he decided to quit his job and do photography instead. Being born in Austria he has a close relationship to the mountains and nature. That’s probably the reason why he became a Landscape Photographer. But Chris lived in different parts of the world like California and Hawaii where he discovered his love for the ocean, surfing and traveling. Today, Chris travels around the world to extraordinary locations to follow his passion of Travel, Adventure and Landscape Photography.
A candid shot from Hawaii. I was spending my day at the beach when I saw 3 friends walking down the beach which turned out to be a perfect photo opportunity. Beaches in Hawaii are just different and special. I miss Hawaii almost every day.
“Breathing Earth”
One of those insane places in Iceland which you can’t believe exist until you see it with your own eyes. This shot was at sunrise so we had those amazing sun/shade combinations.
“Road Ahead”
A very famous road in Lanzarote. It’s the road going into Timanfaya National Park and it’s just straight. Forever. With nothing but dead volcanic land left and right. It’s also a really popular road for bicyclists.
“Dark Dive”
That shot I wanted to do for a very long time but I was never in the right place at the right time. This shot finally came together when I met some really nice people in Lanzarote and Esther agreed to do that shooting. It almost didn’t happen because I thought the winds were too strong for the drone that day but Esther convinced me that we should at least try.