Christos Vasileiou

Based in Greece


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My name is Christos Vasileiou (IG @takis_vsl). I have studied Greek Language and History. The last 10 years I love taking photos and photography tends to be my profession! For the first 5 years of my photography life I used to take photos only with my cell phone and the last 5 years I became more professional. I live in Ioannina, Greece! My city is built around the lake Pamvotida. The area is surrounded by mountains , rivers , lakes, traditional old bridges and picturesque villages. As the city is the center of the whole area , it's easy to reach nature and the numerous beautiful places. I love taking photos of nature, being outside and hear the sounds of nature, it makes me feel alive. Taking photos in the urban environment is not my favourite part of photography. The modern lifestyle gives me stress!
At the valley between Dragon Lake of Tymfi and the Astraka Refuge.
Sarakatsanikes Stanes it is faithfull representation of Sarakatsani seasonal settlement.
Tymfi mountain with Gamila peak at 2,497 m. The mountain is surrounded by various massifs that also form part of the northern Pindus mountain range.
The legendary mountainous lake Verliga in Lakmos mountain is in central Greece. Located in the Alpine zone, at an elevation of 2.050m.
An old water mill at Tristeno village of Eastern Zagori.
Part of the Pindus Mountains of Epirus in northern Greece, the Vikos Gorge lies on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi.