Daniël Laan

Based in Netherlands


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Hi everyone!
My name is Daniel Laan (@laanscape) and I am a landscape photographer and artist from the Netherlands. Growing up in a flat country like the Netherlands put the mountains on a proverbial pedestal for me. That's why every once in a while I travel to the mountains to get my "fix". I keep myself entertained with shooting local woodlands and coastlines. Whether it be forest photography, mountains or even the glowing mushrooms that I do, my images have a dark fairy tale quality to them. I tell all about my approach in my books and popular processing videos as my main goal is to teach others the value and tricks of landscape photography.
"Dauntless" | Epic last light on one of the most photographed mountains in the Dolomites.
"Limelight Cathedral" | My inspiration comes from movies, video games, paintings and even collectible card games. I love art. My goal is to convey a particular mood through my images much like cinematographers do; using light, color and a particular focal length to create an oppressive atmosphere.
"Witching Hour" | Composite of the northern lights above Stetinden, Norway. I'm a fine-art landscape artist foremost and use photography to realize my vision. Photography is only a part of what I do to achieve what I want to do.
"The Way Back Home" | The call of the forests is particularly strong in the mist, but a little rain can work wonders too. Here the last light of the evening together with rain showers created a thick atmosphere that reminded me of a 19th century painting.
"Group Hug" | My glowing mushrooms began as a one-off to pursue something different than the sweeping vistas of landscape photography. But they grew out to be my most popular images. I still love doing those around autumn, although my main focus currently is the more intimate or abstract landscape photography with lots of personality.
"For Eternity's Sake" | When favorable conditions and stunning locations meet, the magic happens. All you need is a touch of light and the sky looks like a million bucks. This was shot in the Dolomites on a much photographed location, but I haven't seen many telephoto shots of this particular formation.