Erik Colombo

Based in Italy


2 min read

Hi guys! I love landscape photography, I like the relationship between man and nature and I want everyone to be able to travel through my eyes and my photographs.
"Professional photographer, special guest photography teacher Canon Academy Italia, X-Rite Coloratti, official photographer Nisi Filter, Ambassador Leofoto"
Fantasy is the key to beauty and art in general. I am convinced that the highest expression of art is nature.
What I love to teach, in addition to photographic techniques, is the beauty of waiting and above all its importance. We waited for two hours in the clouds to enjoy this wonder, was it worth it?
Today I want to take you to a magical place, but I didn’t choose this photograph just for that. This location is also a SPOILER of a tour to be held in 2022!
Iceland is a magical place, where time and man are not yet masters of the earth. Hveravellir is proof of this: for over 250km there is nothing but rocks, land, mountains and wild animals. This was an incredible dawn, I slept only two hours that night, after 4 hours of travel, but I woke up regenerated. L'odor era incredibile, sulfur and rotten eggs, a cure-all for the spirit! Ahahaha But to this day, although I have travelled a lot around the world, Hveravellir still carries it in my heart.
My first Icelandic sunset in 2018, as you recall. I look forward to taking you back to this wonderful place for an Icelandic super tour!