Fotis Kafetsis

Based in Greece


My name is Fotis Kafetsis and I’m a Professional Photographer and Light Hunter, passionate with Adventure, Outdoor, Wildlife and Landscape photography from Greece. I specialize in adventure nature photography trying to capture the beauty of light and the wild nature in my journeys. Being an extreme sport lover and in love with mountains I always try to encourage people to follow me in my adventures and quite often I organize fully equipped workshops in the wild suitable for everyone.

During the last decade I have visited and photographed many parts of the world but I am still chasing the light and the beauty of the wild. The best part of being out there is the ability to experience nature and capture of course unique photographs that create memories which then love to share with you.

Verliga. One of the beautiful dragonlakes.
Tymfi. The most famous alpine lake in Greece.
Fraktos. The outstanding forest.
Tymfi Range. No comments..
Olympus. The mountain of the Gods.
Doing Winter adventurous workshop.

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