Michael Elderwood

Based in Germany

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My name is Michael and I am a nature, aerial and lifestyle photographer based in Berlin, Germany. The nomad journey started for me in Iceland back in November 2015. I did a two weeks hitchhiking trip around this magical country with my backpack, sleeping bag and analog camera only [yes- no tent ] I've been mostly sleeping outside under Northern Lights, capturing and from time to time knocking on doors and getting hosted by locals.Since then visual arts became my passion and I’ve been traveling around Europe and Asia exploring what earth blessed us with.

I am mostly a running and gunning type of shooter, trying to keep my backpack as lightweight as possible, but I make sure that my DSLR and Drone are always with me - since you never know when that perfect moment comes!I love taking a good challenge, overcoming every obstacle possible and getting to hidden and unseen places.On my future travel list are currently North America, Greenland and South Africa, …I am always open to collaborate, so feel free to reach out to me and pitch me some good tips, cooperation inquiries or expedition ideas :) Most of my work you can find on my Instagram @elderwoods , although i will also have a website and maybe some prints coming up soon!


No Man's Land, Northern Iceland

Melereyri Beach, South Iceland

Endless Way, Alps, Switzerland


Fagradalsfjall before Eruption, Iceland

Burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow candle - Selfportrait, Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

Háifoss Waterfall, Iceland

Dunmore Head, Ireland

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