Nick Brown

Based in the United States


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My name is Nick Brown, and I am a part-time photographer from the United States. I am also active duty in the U.S. Air Force, so I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel around the world for work.
So far, I’ve managed to get to The Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Qatar. I am currently stationed back in the U.S. in Alaska, but I’m hoping to make it to Germany next so that I can travel all over Europe and see what it has to offer. During my time in Alaska, I have focused on capturing the northern lights, glaciers, wildlife, and the vast landscapes we have here. If you’ve never been, I can’t recommend it enough. There’s nothing quite like the last frontier.
If you want to keep up with my travels, follow me on Instagram at @nickbynorthwest
The last light of the setting sun illuminates the windswept ridges of the Chugach Mountain Range in Alaska."
An Alaskan Grey Wolf surveys the snow covered landscapes in Chugach State Park, Alaska."
Omoide Yokochō, which translates directly to Memory Lane, in Tokyo, Japan comes alive at night with restaurants, bars, lanterns, flowers, and more tourists than you can count."
A picture of myself standing in the heart of a millions-year-old glacier in southcentral Alaska. I could hear the ice cracking shifting around and above me as I contemplated whether this shot was worth my safety."
A bald eagle, the national bird and symbol of the United States, perches atop a snow covered tree as it searches for its next prey."
Light cascades down along the walls of Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon on Navajo Tribal land in Arizona."
The northern lights ignite the sky over the trees protruding from a frozen lake in Denali National Park."
„The last liquid water of Eagle River in Alaska cascades down beneath the ice.."