Noemie Lekehal

Based in France

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Hi everyone!

My name is Noëmie Lekehal and I’m a freelance photographer based in Paris, France. I started doing nature photography when I was younger, shooting countryside landscapes in the region of Burgundy. I enjoyed staging picturesque scenes to create a universe matching that of imagination.

This led me to specialise in fine-art but also travel photography. To me, both can be combined in that travelling is about wishing to explore things that are out of the ordinary. My eye is particularly caught by light or little things that can only be captured once in a lifetime. The movement can’t be stopped, but snapping it means becoming a part of it, making the ephemeral world eternal. I don’t work full-time as a photographer as I am – as of this year – a PhD student in philosophy. To me, my studies help me develop my focus regarding photography, and my projects in both fields feed off each other. Since 2020, I have had opportunities to present my work many times, in art galleries, festivals, or for personal projects.


I hope you will enjoy this portfolio of selected travel photographs. My goal is to share the intensity and magnitude of the world we live in.


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