DO&CO Hotel MUNICH - Munich, Germany


A luxury boutique DO&CO Hotel Munich is located in the city center. In a unique location close to Marienplatz you will find 31 individually designed rooms and suites with views of the Munich City Hall or the Frauenkirche "Cathedral of Our Dear Lady in Munich", the city’s most famous landmarks. The part of the hotel also consists of a fan shop of the local football team FC Bayern Munchen, with which the hotel is closely connected. The ground floor of the hotel marked with the number 0 is a reception with DO & CO Gastwirtschaft which serves traditional comfort foods of the Bavarian cuisine as well as international pub classics from around the world. And on warm days it can also be used the spacious outdoor terrace in Munich’s beautiful city centre.


Check-in is usually from 3pm but my arrival was a little earlier. The hotel agreed and it was not a problem to prepare a suite two hours earlier. A very pleasant reception was waiting at the reception, which was also very willing to provide a tour of the hotel and the prepared suite on the second floor. Stairs or an elevator can be used to move between in this property. The elevator is connected to the mentioned football fanshop. Many thanks for the welcome in form of prepared champagne and fruit. The suite has three huge windows and high ceilings, which makes it a very breathable and relaxed place. The view is to the already mentioned cathedral and because we visited the hotel in winter, the snow falling behind the windows makes this view even better. The suite has all the necessary equipment complemented by luxury features and services. Worth mentioning are for example, very well-designed lighting, a large adjustable TV, heated floors and a bar with a wide selection of alcohol, which is also part of this room. But the greatest pleasure was the approach of all employees, who have a very positive and pleasant approach. Room services were amazing and after cleaning the room the next day fruit was prepared for refreshment.


Among the other great services of the hotel is also room service, which is a pleasant enrichment of the whole stay. It was very convenient to order breakfast at the required time and dishes from the restaurant. Everything was perfectly prepared in detail and brought directly to the room by the smiling staff. A very well-coordinated team of employees does a charming job.


The best part of the stay, however, was at breakfast and dinner. The culinary services of the DO&CO Hotel are stunning and it is an unforgettable experience! Located on the first floor of the hotel, DO & CO restaurant brings contemporary Asian cuisine to the heart of Munich. The open kitchen gives you the opportunity to watch chefs prepare the best meals! The whole experience is enriched by DJs who create great vibes throughout the restaurant. The phenomenal dining experience was complemented by a great and very helpful approach from the staff. It is obvious that the behavior towards the customer is in the first place for the hotel.

Two poached eggs & avocado - toasted sour dough bread

Superfood bowl - soy yoghurt, dried fruits, chia seeds, coconut


I can't be more satisfied after trying all the services and tasting the food the hotel has to offer. This property is an ideal place to stay if you are visiting Munich and not only because of the very convenient location. It is necessary to say a big thank you to the staff in all departments once again. The hotel is only open for a short time and if it maintains current quality you will definitely not do wrong if you choose this place for your stay in Germany.