Sheraton Grand Salzburg - Salzburg, Austria


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This property is located in the middle of Salzburg, Austria, sometimes called Mozart's city. The hotel is in the heart of the city, a minute's walk from the world-famous Mirabellgarten. Following the path of love with a beautifully landscaped garden, you can walk to one of the several bridges in the city and get across the river called Salzach. The city is among the breathtaking mountains that can be seen from every street. Everything looks very historical and romantic.

A very nice and helpful reception was waiting on arrival at the hotel. The ground floor has a very pleasant impression with decorative elements. The path to the restaurant is lined with stands and trenches with quality wine. The choice of breakfast was very varied. From sweet to salty, there was also a selection for vegetarians. There is also a bar and an outdoor terrace which is among the trees, so it is as if you were in nature.

The hotel has seven floors, there are two elevators in the Austrian - historical style, there was the only minor funny snag with a card that every guest I saw had. I will give you one tip, which is good to know before visiting the hotel, hold the card at the sensor and at the same time press the number of your floor. Of course nothing serious.. On the second floor there is a hotel sauna and a fully equipped gym.

On the last, the seventh floor awaited a perfectly prepared, luxurious room overlooking the huge 11th-century fortress of Hohensalzburg Castle. A champagne with a wide variety of food was prepared as a welcome. There really is nothing to complain about this room on the top floor.

On the seventh floor is also the Club Lounge, a very cozy environment with a luxurious selection of snacks and drinks. Seating is possible indoors or outdoors with a view of Salzburg.

The overall hotel is very pleasant and deserves a legitimate holding of 5 stars. The hotel staff are great and always with a smile on their face. The room service was flawless, the food was varied and everything worked professionally. The hotel is a great place to relax in a luxurious and modern environment, even if you are in the historic city.