Sunborn London Yacht Hotel - London, England


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The Sunborn London Yacht Hotel is a 4-star hotel located on the water, close to the famous River Thames, 10 km from central London. At reception you can reach the mainland by gilded lift. After arriving on the third floor with the reception, there is a beautiful golden chandelier between the spiral stairs. On the yacht, you feel like you are sailing on the sea, even though it is actually anchored.

The rooms are like cabins on a ship to make the experience of sailing in open waters even greater. All details, including handles, doors, card readers, railings and much more, are made of gold, and it is these gold elements together with the wood that make a very impressive impression. The room was fully equipped, a double bed, a bathroom with toiletries and an iron with ironing board, which is always suitable after a long journey.

On the fourth floor of the yacht, the restaurant is in the same style as everything else and fits perfectly into the boat's environment. In fine weather, you can sit outside on board the yacht and enjoy a meal overlooking distant London. But despite the bad weather, which is very likely when visiting England, you can observe the majestic skyscrapers of London behind a window from inside the restaurant. The three-course menu ended with a dessert, which was a sweet spot at the end. For breakfast you can choose a traditional, world-famous breakfast, beans, sausages, bacon and eggs made in several ways.

The staff had a pleasant approach to the guests and there was no problem anywhere. Overall, the yacht is an ideal place to stay for people who want an unusual way of accommodation, which is Sunborn Yacht.