Paul Krell

Based in Germany


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My Name is Paul Krell and I am a passionate outdoor photographer from Germany. I got my first professional Camera in Cape Town South Africa, where I fell in Love withe the beauty of Nature. I specialize in nature and adventure photography, trying to capture my journeys.
I have been photographing different parts of the world for a couple of years now and I've been evolving my skills as a creative. The best part about beeing out there is the ability to capture memories for a lifetime and the ability to share those memories with good people. That's why I am very glad to participate in the Planetopedia Movement!
This picture was taken on a beautiful morning in a small Mountain Range in eastern Germany called saxon Switzerland. The light was perfect and guided us up the short hike to this location.
Lake Bled via Drone
Slovenia is one of the smallest countries of Europe, yet it is amazing to visit this country if you ever get the chance. The people are so friendly and it has amazing nature to offer. This picture was taken with my drone on a summer evening when the light faded and offered me flat colors, revealing the iconic church on Lake bled.
If you ever get the chance to visit South Africa you should definitely head to one of the protected game reserves. There you will be able to spot some of Africas Wild animals. Seeing a wild African elephant in it's natural habitat is something you don't want to miss out on!
Small Church with northern Lights
The Strandkakirkja (eng: "Beach Church") is one of the oldest churches in Iceland. If you're lucky and the sky is clear you might be able to see the northern Lights during the winter months.
Dolomites in Summer
The Italian Dolomites are truly something special. This beautiful place is also known as the largest alpine meadow in the world.