Silje and Fredrik Stenmark

Based in Norway

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Hi everyone!
We are Silje and Fredrik Stenmark. A married travel couple and photographers based in Oslo, Norway.Content creation and photography for us has always been striving for that perfect picture and video - and really try to make the feeling of really being there. We have been traveling together for several years and have been working with many hotels and luxury resorts all over the globe. We are constantly moving, exploring and sharing incredible stories of our beautiful planet!

“Aerial photo of departing guests at the dock in Koh Kood, Thailand.”

“Exploring the jungle in Koh Kood, Thailand.”

“Lovely views in Thailand.”

“Floating breakfast vibes in Bali, Indonesia.”

“Overwater bungalows in the Maldives.”

“Crystal clear ocean and white powder beaches.”

“Pool villa goals on Koh Samui, Thailand.”

“Have you ever had a lunch in a tree before? Magical moment in Koh Kood“

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