Øyvind Karlsen

Based in Norway


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My name is Øyvind Karlsen. I am photographer from Northern Norway, capturing landscapes, nature and the magical northern lights. I have always enjoyed being outdoors in nature, and through my camera i'm trying to capture some of it's beauty. In northern Norway the photo possibilities are endless with all the majestic nature and areas available, and of course the aurora borealis. What could be better than spending a whole night outside under the stars, with the aurora borealis dancing above you? 
For the last two years I have focused more on the art of photography and tried to make a more professional approach to it. My motivation is always to have fun with what you do, and the results will follow. And for me photography and nature are pure fun!
A late sunset right outside of Tromsø, so many great spots in Troms area to get to see a late sunset and enjoy nature at it´s finest.
"Magic Tree"
I spent the whole night out with this tree, a really magical night, and it payed off in the end.
"Amazing Sky"
One amazing night under the stars.
This image is taken in Ersfjorden, a really great spot outside of Tromsø for capturing the aurora.
"Under The Stars"
This image was taken after a long, wet and cold night outside, really happy how this image came out.
"Exploding Sky"
This night started out really quiet, then all of the sudden BOOM!
This was a crazy aurora with a really cool shape to it.